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            The world's most reliable and least reliable engine, the results were unexpected


            Is your engine reliable?What about the stability?Have you ever been in a "old hair" pit?

            A European car insurance company has compiled a list of the number of engine failure rates for each brand, following a survey of more than 50, 000 statistical samples.

            Although the list of data sources in view of the car is sold in Europe, but in general, the
            adoption of global production automobile group, the differences between production is not
            big, otherwise how Chinese production car exports to the United States (domestic buick
            enclave already exports sold to North America market), so the list is has the certain
            reference value.(admitting that some cars produced in the country are going to be reduced,
            but we're only thinking about the general consistency)


            Honda has an average failure rate of just 0.29 percent for every 344 vehicles, ranking
            first.Honda's EARTH DREAM power technology system and its famous works: VTEC system, i-vtec system engine has been widely used in China, and its stability has been verified by the
            market.But by sticking to the natural aspirating, turbo-charged technology has been slow to
            advance, and it is inevitable that the technology will be old.


            Toyota had one engine failure for every 171 vehicles, and the failure rate was 0.58percent, after Honda.It is a bit unexpected, the reliability of the Toyota engine recognized around the world, not only to get the favour of consumers in Japan, in China,the United States and some European countries are also very popular, this time is lost to
            Honda, which link the problem?


            The Mercedes Benz has one engine failure on every 119 Mercedes cars, and the failure rate is 0.84%, occupying the location of the probe.Although for the most part Many people, the domestic Benz engine reliability...But because the big data comes from European sales of mercedes-benz cars, it could be Mercedes Benz
            Is the production process better in Europe?Still hope domestic Mercedes to try to look at the European version.


            Volvo has a failure rate of 0.90 per cent, with a failure rate of 0.90 per cent, in fourth place.Northern European luxury brand Volvo, unique in the field of automotive safety and latest Drive - E smaller turbocharged engine on the XC90 flagship SUV model has a good dynamic performance, S90 also on assembling the engine displacement.With the trend of miniaturization unreversibly, BMW's flagship 7 series has also been replaced with a 2.0t four-cylinder engine.


            Jaguar has a failure rate of 0.97%, ranking fifth, with one engine failure in 103 vehicles.As a traditional British luxury car maker, the royal family car will also buy jaguar brands.The previous instability of the jaguar has been greatly improved.


            Lexus has one engine failure for every 101 lexus vehicles, and the failure rate is 0.99
            percent, ranking no. 6.As a high-end Toyota brand, lexus continues the reliability of the
            Toyota engine, but it's a little puzzling why high-end models are less stable than generic


            Fiat (1.17%, every 87), fiat has a smaller brand audience in the country, and it's hard to
            imagine his performance.


            Ford (1.25%, every 80), ford in recent years has been affected by the broken axis in the
            Chinese market, and the brand image has been damaged so much that it affects other
            structures.In fact, the small engine of the ford Eco Boost has been awarded the various
            awards of the global small-engine engine, and the engine stability is not too serious.


            Nissan (1.38 per cent, 72 per 72) has the same stability as the Japanese brand and has a
            big gap with Toyota and Honda.Do you know that nissan, which has outperformed the previous
            two in domestic sales, has improved the engine that I sell domestically?

            10Land rover

            Land rover (1.38%, every 72) has been questioned by the market over his gearbox problems at
            home, and his engine stability?The domestic problem is in the oil, and in the European
            family in the top 10, what do you think about that?

            In the bottom 10, small make up not estimate the majority of car owners have a basic idea,
            the daily use of the car has not tasted the problems of engine problems.

            Unfortunately, the MG brand (before the MG was taken over by saic, was a former old car).
            The bottom two -10 are: audi, MINI, saab (bankrupt), opel, Peugeot, BMW, Renault,
            Volkswagen, mitsubishi.

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